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EPF & MP Act 1952
Benefits to Members
How to avail Benefits
Do’s and Dont’s
Advances / Withdrawals
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Do's and Dont's of Members
Do's for Members:

  Guidelines for filling up Forms - Various Benefits and Forms Required to be Submitted

   General Instructions

Nature of Benefit

Claim Form

By whom to be submitted

Settlement of EPF account in case of Resignation/Retrenchment

Form 19


Settlement of EPF account of a deceased member

Form 20

Nominee/Legal Heirs

Settlement of Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Fund

Form 5(IF)

Nominee/Legal Heirs

Settlement of Employees’ Pension Account

Withdrawal Benefit (in case of members with less than 10 years of membership)

Form 10-C


Settlement of Lump sum Benefit of deceased member(who had no family and died when not in service in covered establishment)

Form 10-C

Nominee / Parent

Availing Scheme Certificate(in case of members with less than 10 years of membership and or not using above two options)

Form 10-C


Availing Pension (all types)

a)In case of membership of more than 10 years in EPS and attained the age of 50 for Reduced Pension and 58 for Superannuation Pension

Form 10-D

Member / / Nominee

b)Died in service/while holding Scheme Certificate and having a family

Form 10-D

Family Member

c)Died while in service and nominated any person other than the Family entitled for pension

Form 10-D



Advances / Withdrawal (For all type of advances)

Form 31


Nomination Form

Form 2 (Revised)




1) While joining an establishment, furnish details of previous employment if any, with previous Provident Fund a/c number and scheme certificate.

2) In case of existing Provident Fund/ Pension a/c, apply for transfer of previous a/c number to the present a/c number.

3) Ensure that employer furnishes Form-5 with details of previous Provident Fund a/c no. to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation.

4) Execute Form-2, with details of self, nominee for Provident Fund and pension and details of family, so that it is forwarded to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation by the employer.

5) Ensure that particulars furnished are correct in all respects.

6) Ensure that enrolment to Employees' Provident Fund/ Employees' Pension Scheme is done immediately on the date of joining the establishment.

7) Ensure that Provident Fund is deducted at statutory rate from the total wages i.e. basic, D.A. and retaining allowance if any.

8) If desirous of enhancing rate of contribution, inform your willingness with the higher rate opted and forward to  Employees' Provident Fund Organisation through employer and allow employer to deduct at enhanced rate from the wages.

9) If the wages drawn is more than Rs. 6500/-, intimate your willingness to contribute on the whole salary as per higher rate to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation through employer. Employer can also contribute on the whole amount drawn as wages under intimation to Employees' Provident Fund Organization.

10) Check up periodically with the employer that contribution and other charges are paid to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation and ensure it's correctness by verifying the Form-3A (contribution card) maintained by the employer.

Dont's for a Member:

1) Don't give false declaration and incorrect particulars to Employer and Employees Provident Fund Organisation.

2) Don't fall victim to middleman/ agents. Please Contact PRO for Doubts / Clarifications if any.

3) Don't allow Employer to deduct his own share of contribution or administrative charges payable by him from your wages.

4) Don't be a party to misclassification of allowances of your wages, with a view to avoid payment of Provident Fund.
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